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Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Linda K. Ford, author of Caution to the Wind and Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey.  I live in Sydney, Australia, and I have worked for many years as a Social Worker and Natural Therapy Practitioner. My love for writing was inspired into action during the 1990s, when I embarked on an extraordinary, 15-month, sailing adventure, from New Zealand to England. It was not until some years later that I wrote my first book "Caution to the Wind," about this life-changing experience. My love affair with the ocean, combined with a genuine passion to support others, is the inspiration behind my writing. Caution To The Wind was written to inspire you to follow your dreams. My latest book Decrypto gives you the tools to achieve your vision, taking you on another voyage of discovery!

I invite you to come on an adventure with me! 

Warm wishes to you all. 


Caution To The Wind


A true sailing adventure from New Zealand to England.        

On May 5th, 1994, at 9.30 am on a chilly, sunlit day, Linda Ford and Geoff Wright, left the safety of Lyttleton Harbour in New Zealand, to venture into the unknown, where nothing would be predictable. 

The voyage plan was to follow the famous trade wind route, sailing from New Zealand to England. All too soon, they found themselves battling their way to Sydney, Australia. Caught in a ruthless storm with no contact with the outside world, they were truly alone. All the romantic notions of the ultimate cruising life disappeared into oblivion.

Step aboard Ebony and take an adventure, an epic 15-month voyage. Experience this day-to-day passionate tale, packed with intrigue, and at times suspense. Experience the delights of the lands visited and learn more about the world of international sailing. This was a life-changing adventure, with a dramatic, unexpected, ending.

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Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey 


"Your Key to the Mystery of Boundless Happiness: A Step by Step Inspirational Guide"



International  Book  Excellence Award Winner in Body/Mind /Spirit Genre

Literary Titan - Gold Book Award Winner

Readers' Favorite -  International 'Bronze' Book Award Winner

2020 TopShelf Book Award: NOMINEE

Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey is an empowering book based on sharing knowledge through storytelling. A step-by-step inspirational guide that gives you the tools to simplify and manage everyday life situations, and guide you in the right direction. The knowledge you gain will give you a different perspective of your life, increase your awareness of the available choices, give you strength and courage, and help everything fall into place.


Decrypto is in colour and includes affirmations, suggestions, quotes, and anecdotes to illustrated points. Your supportive guide to any stage in your life!


Excerpt from Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey.  "A glimmer of the whale can again be seen sliding along, just beneath the surface of the deep ocean. The whale had fooled me into believing it had swum away, and yet all along it was still there. This reflects a similarity to emotions, which lie hidden just beneath the surface. We may not be constantly aware of them, but they are there." 


"You make decisions consciously, and yet, hidden within you is a parallel world of energy, which is as vast and complex, as your everyday life can be. Your goals will often meet with inner resistance, often unbeknown to you. If this is the case, you may choose to seek to understand the emotions, thoughts, and life patterns that hold you back. When you know what the inner issue is, you can move full steam ahead. ON the other hand, if you decide to put this in the too-hard basket, you may not fulfil your goals, even if you have a great potential to do so."

Be inspired to find a new direction, as you ignite the passion to follow your dreams.

Change starts now!  



Annie, United States

"Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey" 

According to Linda K. Ford, author of Decrypto: Unlock Your Life’s Journey “was written to assist you on the pathway to create the life of your choice. My wish is that, throughout this book, you gain insight and courage to explore hidden aspects of yourself and a deeper understanding of your emotions, yourself, and your everyday life."
This is a very interesting book, easy to read and full of techniques to change your life. A chapter on the “inaccuracies of thought” teaches that your thoughts are connected to how you feel, and learning to change your thought changes your feelings, and how you feel can change your behaviour and thus your life.
A thought-provoking book!

Stephen R. Wilson

"Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey"

Decrypto is an amazing book that impressed me with the cover even before reading it. But what’s inside is even more interesting. Linda Ford bases Decrypto book on her own experiences. She explores the hidden aspects of life in a way that will make you look at your inner self deeply. You get the courage to inspect the other side of yourself, which most people would rather not see.

The book is very inspiring and employs psychological techniques like CBT to deal with anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma. It is an ideal book if you want to tackle self-doubt, pessimism, and negative thoughts. Linda Ford uses stories, exercises, questions, and information from a myriad of sources to guide you.

The book does not offer straightforward answers but gives you insight and courage to explore your hidden aspects. It gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and your emotions. By reading this book, you can find the key to unlock information to fulfilment.

Nancy Oyula, Kenya

"Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey"

Linda K. Ford shared her life stories in an attempt to motivate and give hope to those who feel like giving up. I never tire from reading inspiration books, as at the end of it, I get a little hope in me. Well, Self-help books almost have the same format but this writer tried to make hers distinct. What I enjoyed in this book was the author's life story. She's been through it all but somehow managed to survive. Her lessons on self-discovery were also a gem and will help the reader know self. This is one of those books you read in the morning before leaving the house. 

Davis Handley, United States


Caution To The Wind

The story of Linda Ford is so inspiring and a story of endurance and determination. This book follows her on her 15-month journey from New Zealand to England on a thirty-six-foot sailboat. “Caution to the Wind” is full of the trials and tribulations of Linda and Geoff’s journey that kept me turning pages and reading more. Ford writes in a way that put me in her mindset, she kept me on the edge of my seat when danger strikes and celebrate when they make it through. A great book following Linda on her incredible journey.

K. N. United States

Caution To The Wind

What an unbelievable tale of adventure, one that took great determination to endure. This is the story of a 15-month journey of Linda Ford and her husband Geoff, living out their dream of sailing. There are many battles with the elements, adding great suspense to the story. I really enjoyed the incredible adventure and recommend the read.

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