A true sailing adventure from New Zealand to England.          (See a  book sample here)  

On May 5th, 1994, at 9.30 am on a chilly, sunlit day, Ebony, a 36ft Roberts Spray, left the safety of Lyttleton Harbour in New Zealand, to venture into the unknown, where nothing would be predictable. 


The voyage plan was to follow the famous trade wind route, sailing from New Zealand to England.

All too soon, they found themselves battling their way to Sydney, Australia. Caught in a ruthless storm with no contact with the outside world, they were truly alone. All the romantic notions of the ultimate cruising life disappeared into oblivion.

Step aboard Ebony and take an adventure, an epic 15-month voyage. Experience the day-to-day passionate tale, packed with intrigue, and at times suspense. Experience the delights of the lands visited and learn more about the world of international sailing. This was a life changing adventure, with a dramatic, unexpected, ending.



Caution to the Wind Book "A true sailing adventure"

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    Paperback: 250 pages

    Interior: Colour pictures and graphic design

    Language: English

    ISBN 978-0-6481647-5-3

    Product Dimensions: 203 mm x 133 mm (5.25 x 8.00)