"Your Key to the Mystery of Boundless Happiness: A Step by Step Inspirational Guide"


Non-Fiction, inspirational, self-help.
Unveil the mystery of your life and embark on an extraordinary voyage of discovery. (See a book sample here)


"Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey" was written with you in mind. Whether you have it all, are searching to find yourself, or live with regrets and what-ifs, Decrypto is the key to opening the door to changing your life.

You will gain an in-depth understanding of your thoughts, emotions and life, as you discover what is happening to you and why. Your newfound self-awareness will empower you to make positive and long lasting changes, to create the life you are longing for.


Be inspired to find new direction, as you ignite the passion to follow your dreams.
Change starts now!  


Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey Book