Time for Change!

The start of a New Year is a great time to think about what changes would you like to make in your life. Create clarity and formalise your ideas by making a list, then go back and expand on this. It's ok if you dont know all the steps as yet to create what you want. If the mind has clarity and guidelines from you, then anything is possible. You are basically opening up new doors, to new opportunities. Take the time to put energy into your new choices, to move them into creation. From time to time go back and look at your list – set yourself tasks with a time frame. #tips #opportunities #goals

'Decrypto', Unlock Your Life Journey’

I love the vibrancy of this picture. In writing my self-help book it took some time to find a suitable title. With the support of my partner Ivan, I chose the title 'Decrypto', Unlock Your Life Journey’. Decrypto, means to decipher, to unscramble hidden messages. This is what my book sets out to do, to provide you with a 'KEY' not only to knowledge, but guide you to find hidden messages within yourself. To be able to see a path to the life you want! #authors #famous #interview