A new direction comes from reflecting on your life, to discover what is working for you and what is not. If it is your past that is holding you back, check out my previous posts for support. Then, make the choice to let the past go and move on. You will have to keep reinforcing this new choice, until the emotions, and thoughts, no longer trouble you. Make the decision that it is time for a change. Write down your thoughts in a journal or type up notes in a word doc, to support you to get clear. MAKE A PLAN OF ACTION What changes would you like to make? Is there anything holding you back from moving forward? How can you start to move in your new direction and what are the steps to get you the

Is Your Past Holding You Back?

You may not realise that holding onto past regrets and strong emotions such as anger, sadness, resentment, and so on, can hold you back from moving forward. These feelings can produce a very strong cocktail of emotions, which can act as an anchor, anchoring you to your past. This in itself will inadvertently hold you back from truly living your life. Your focus will look inward and to the past, and you will drift through your day consumed with a preoccupation with what has been. The past cannot be changed and until you decide to forgive and let go, this will affect you emotionally and impact on your physical health. An inward focus means you will not be looking ahead, to future possibilities