"Caution to the Wind"

I would like to share with you the new cover picture for my book "Caution to the Wind". The cover shows a much younger version of myself. I am at the helm, with my hand on the dodger to keep my balance. There was tension in the air at the time, the seas were building, a major storm was on it's way. We didn't have the ability to make contact with anyone and no one knew of our exact whereabouts. The most important thing for me at the time was staying alive, in such extreme conditions, and the thought that I may never see my family again. It seemed ultra important that if we didn't survive, no one would know what had happened to me, I could disappear without a trace! I will be receiving a proo

Inspirational Books update

Hi everyone. I've been pretty busy of late getting the interior design completed for both books. Caution to the Wind, is having a complete cover change. With Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey; the cover will stay the same with different fonts and a beautiful back cover. I am estimating that the schedule of end of May is still in line with what I can achieve at this point. I feel pretty blessed to have finally found the right people to support me in this process, who have come up with something imaginative and special, for both books. Hence the time it has taken, has been so much longer. I have learnt a lot, made mistakes, changed to different companies, worked with quiet a few people, to