Yachting NZ write-up

A big thanks to Michael, for show casing my book, Caution To The Wind,' in 'Yachting New Zealand, briefings newsletter. I really appreciate the support I have received, from the Yachting fraternity in New Zealand, way to go KIWIS! Yachting NZ - Briefings Newsletter - Saying yes the key for two Kiwi authors! Books by Kiwi designer Ron Holland and cruiser Linda Ford would make good additions to any library or coffee table. Just say yes is a philosophy Ron Holland has lived by and it's an approach that's served him well. It's also the response Linda Ford gave when he partner, out of the blue, asked her to sail with him from New Zealand to England. For more details check out this link: https:/

The Cruising Life

The "Cruising Life" is a maze of precious moments, where you sail off into unknown territory, and navigate to distant shores. A tantalising experience, that builds an inner desire to see more, and more. I will never forget the feeling of sighting land, after 19 days and nights, at sea. I recall feeling excited with the first glimpse of a foreign shore, with great anticipation, of experiences to come. The pictures I have included are from this voyage, taken some years ago. On our arrival at Mukalla, in Yemen, as usual, I adored the differences in landscape and culture. Flat, golden, expanses of land, in the foreground and stark white concrete buildings were scattered along the foot of the ran

Need Some Inspiration!

After many months of fine tuning, which includes content editing, interior design, graphics, print production and website design. I am very happy to be able to say it has all come together, printed and arrived. As written previously, it was a steep learning curve for me, and eventually, I was able to connect with some amazing and creative people. I'm excited to share these with you and would love for you to find inspiration within the pages. The key to change is closer than you think! #LindaKFord #inspirationalbooks #JenaDellaGrottagliabookcoverdesign

Sailing up the east coast of Australia!

Up the mast attaching baggywinkles, walking along an amazing coral cay exposed by the ebbing tide on a beautiful sunny day, Ebony anchored just of shore for the night. Enjoyable memories, of the delights of day-sailing up north, along the east coast of Australia. All this, and more, in "Caution to the Wind." #CruisingLife #Sailing #Adventure #Books #LindaKFord

My Sailing Voyage!

“Caution to the Wind” is all about an adventure, an epic 15-month sailing voyage from New Zealand to England. During this voyage I was very fortunate to be able to visit and explore many foreign lands, with diversity in cultures, religions and architecture. I must say, what an amazing experience! I recall many of the cruising people would meet up to exchange books, which proved to be a blessing when out at sea for many days and nights, at a time. Our longest voyage between countries was 19 days, without seeing or touching land. During these times one questions the meaning of life, ones purpose, religion, cultures, anything and everything. "A picture of me in Hampi, India, travelling across t

"A Mystical Journey of Discovery"

"Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey" takes you on an adventure in a mystical way. Once you turn the page Decrypto will open a different view, of seeing your life. Once you are in the book, you will know what you need. Once you close the book, your done. Your world opens! #MysticalJourney #Spiritual #LindaKFordAuthor

Inspiration is on its way!

I love the inspiration that autumn brings, with the change of temperature, and the vivid colours of the falling leaves. Little did I know that it would take this long to finalize all aspects of my books ready for publication. The fine-tuning of the 'book printing' should be sorted this week. I am very excited to be near the finish line, and be able to get my books out to you at last! My main aim is to produce books that will “bring words into life” enhanced by colours, graphics, and interior design. “Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey” & “Decrypto Journal” have been crafted especially for you. Much thought, time, care, and love, has gone into the writing of the book and the powerful affirma