Do you find it easy to manifest your goals?

"A glimmer of the whale can again be seen sliding along, just beneath the surface of the deep ocean. The whale had fooled me into believing it had swum away, and yet all along it was still there. This reflects a similarity to emotions, which lie hidden just beneath the surface. We may not be constantly aware of them, but they are there." Excerpt from "Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey." You make decisions consciously, and yet, hidden within you is a parallel world of energy, which is as vast and complex, as your everyday life can be. Your goals, will often meet with an inner resistance, often unbeknown to you. If this is the case you may choose to seek to understand the emotions, thoughts,

In My Mind I Am Free

I absolutely love this quote by Stephen Hawkings who was a truly amazing man. “In my mind I am free,” resonates deeply within me. When there appears to be little freedom in your life, it will support you to think outside of the square, to discover new potentials to be creative in your daily life. Look for freedom in thought, movement, and activities. Seek to create moments where you feel free, light, and boundless. It is in expanding this inner feeling of freedom, and in the knowing that life is a matter of choice. Your life can be an adventure of ups and downs but you are in control! #Freedom #creativityofthought #StephenHawkingsquote

"Fate, Destiny, or merely by Chance?"

Many years ago my sailing adventure with Ebony, took me through the amazing rivers and canals of France, on route to Calais. My now partner Ivan, who I had not met then, believes that he was in the centre of Paris at the same year/time that I was. He had travelled from Macedonia where he was living at the time, with friends. He recalls being drawn to a black yacht, with the name Ebony on the side. How strange is life, that we unknowingly were in the same country at the exact same time, and would meet each other in New Zealand many years later! Is there a greater plan to the life that we live than we realise? If this is so, could some of our life be already pre determined? I find this a very

"Your Life" Time for Action!

Are you standing near a doorway that can lead to change, and have not yet, walked through, to embrace new possibilities? If so, why are you hesitating, what is holding you you back, from creating the life you really want? #motivation #newopportunities #lifechanges #LindaKFordAuthor #Books