Serenity from Nature!

I live on 1500 square metre block of sloping land, with a creatively designed home and feel energised and uplifted by living here. The energy of the land and surrounding nature is so serene and I feel very blessed. The mulberry tree is laden with ripe berries and we see regularly a variety of bird life and are cheekily visited by a friendly dragon lizard, who takes a nightly spa, in our water feature. We recently discovered that a bowerbird is building a nest under the trees. I am slowly finding ways to give back to the land a small measure of what is given to me so freely. With summer is on the way, how to protect my garden in very hot weather, and design a drought-hardy food garden, is o

Deepak Chopra - Energize your life!

I have just started Deepak Chopra's - "Energize Your Life:Secrets for a Youthful Spirit," a 21-Day Meditation Experience. This is free, powerful, and very easy to fit into your daily life. If you think this may interest you check out this link -


I recently completed an author interview with Literary Titan, who posed some interesting questions. I would like to share this with you. Literary Titan Interview - October 2018 Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey is an inspirational book that uses your life stories to help people understand and overcome challenges in their own life. What do you hope readers take away from this book? What I would love the reader’s to take away from reading my book is to feel inspired and empowered, and continue with their journey of self-discovery. I’d like them to realise that life is an adventure of ups and downs— but ultimately they are in control and don’t have to stay stuck in a life that is less than w

"Caution to the Wind" Book Trailer!

Check out my second book trailer for "Caution to the Wind," a true story, of an epic sailing adventure, from New Zealand to England. A perfect gift for Xmas! Purchase from my website for Australia & New Zealand Other destinations from Amazon: