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Inspiration is on its way!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I love the inspiration that autumn brings, with the change of temperature, and the vivid colours of the falling leaves. Little did I know that it would take this long to finalize all aspects of my books ready for publication. The fine-tuning of the 'book printing' should be sorted this week. I am very excited to be near the finish line, and be able to get my books out to you at last!

My main aim is to produce books that will “bring words into life” enhanced by colours, graphics, and interior design.

“Decrypto: Unlock Your Life Journey” have been crafted especially for you. Much thought, time, care, and love, has gone into the writing of this book and the powerful affirmations in the journal. It has been very important to me to create elements of design, colour and graphics, to enhance your experience of reading this very special book & journal.

Change your Life!

With "Caution to the Wind," my desire is to give you, the reader, the maximum experience, for you to be able to follow this voyage through creative story, colour photos and graphics. I would like you to be able to merge with the experience and to enjoy this epic adventure yourself.

Take an adventure!

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