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The Cruising Life

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

The "Cruising Life" is a maze of precious moments, where you sail off into unknown territory, and navigate to distant shores. A tantalising experience, that builds an inner desire to see more, and more. I will never forget the feeling of sighting land, after 19 days and nights, at sea. I recall feeling excited with the first glimpse of a foreign shore, with great anticipation, of experiences to come.

Is it time for you to take an adventure?

The pictures I have included are from this voyage, taken some years ago. On our arrival at Mukalla, in Yemen, as usual, I adored the differences in landscape and culture. Flat, golden, expanses of land, in the foreground and stark white concrete buildings were scattered along the foot of the range. I love the picture of two boys in the fishing boat, taken as they motored alongside Ebony, a nice welcome to a new country.

Later on we entered the Red Sea and anchored in various places, stopping at Suakin, in Sudan. I remember feeling as if I had stepped back in time, as men on camels, with swords, roamed freely around us. One of the highlights of this voyage is that many other cruising folk follow the same route, and everyone becomes an instant friend. A group of us would start off together, and arrive at the planned destination, at different times.

We met up with many amazing people along the way. Bountiful experience’s which stay close to my heart, memories which stay for a lifetime!

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