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Life is a matter of choice!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Affirmations do target the conscious level of the mind, however when you accept a positive new choice, you may find that you meet with some opposition, on the subconscious level. Long held beliefs and acceptances, that you have carried with you and built on, over the years, (often in childhood years), can oppose the life changes you want to make. This can lead to a stalemate situation, which creates a contradiction, 'a part of you wants to change and on the subconscious level you may wish to stay the same' and hold onto what you know, what is familiar. If you choose to seek to understand yourself at a deeper level, you can learn to recognise your inner belief systems; what is working for you and what is not. This gift of clarity and awareness, will support you to let go of the old, and build on the positives and move forward.

The next series of posts will contain positive affirmations. If you find that you become aware of an inner resistance and wish to share your experience feel free to email me.

This Weeks Affirmation

I give myself permission to be happy,

to be free, to pursue my own dreams.

I create what is best for me, I

prosper, and I grow.

#affirmations #subconsciousmind

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