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Do you find it easy to focus? If this is difficult for you read on.

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Ability to Focus

For some people the ability to focus and hold their focus can swing between good at times and not so good at other times. When your focus is good, your life will flow well. When this is not so good your attention will be scattered, which means there will be less energy available to propel your goals & dreams into manifestation.

We all develop patterns of behaviour, which do not always serve us well as adults. Many of these we instinctively follow. Think about your life now, do you have an order of preference generally?

  • What would you focus on, give priority to, in your day-to-day life?

  • Where do you place your own goals & dreams, in first or last place, or somewhere in-between?

  • Can you focus on, give energy and time to, what you want to achieve?

  • Does someone or something continually drag your attention away from what you want to do?

If you haven’t developed a sense of discipline, the mind can drag your attention from one thing to another. Your ability to focus well on what you want to achieve can be compromised. You will be open to other people’s interference, which will act as a distraction. Lack of discipline will make it harder to achieve what you really want. This is also influenced by where you place yourself in your own life. With awareness of yourself, change can always occur. What you want to change and create, is possible for you to acheive.

I am a great believer in affirmations and choosing new ways of living my life. I have included the below affirmation to support you.

I choose to create a discipline, a sense of order, so what I want, I can focus upon to create the best outcome. I choose to place myself first.