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The Fragility of Life

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

The above picture was taken many years ago during the time that I was travelling around the south of India. I had sailed to so many countries at that time and this journey inspired me to take a spiritual pathway, looking to discover the meaning of life!

The ongoing pandemic has shown us all how fragile life can be. I live in Australia many have suffered job losses and dramatic life changes. Amidst all of this we are extremely lucky as a nation and so far spared the trauma that other countries have, and are, facing. These uncertain times and "Stay at Home" policies can provide time to reflect on our lives and make inner changes. For me personally time at home and homeschooling my grandchildren, has also provided me with further opportunities to grow in different ways.

I have created change by finally completing the alterations to my book covers. I have enjoyed the slowing down of my life with time to try out new recipes, bake bread, and make a greater commitment to 'Mediation' on a more regular basis. I am really loving following Sadhguru, an Indian Yogi and Author, who shares his profound wisdom and life guidance.

I believe that he can guide me to another level of knowing.

Much love to you all!


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