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Testing Times

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

There is so much happening in the world at present and many people are experiencing a multitude of emotions. Your own safety and that of your family and friends may feel under threat and some of us will battle for our your own survival. In such testing times it may feel as if you have little control over your life with increased uncertainty and fear, of what the future may hold.

Unfortunately, we all have to ride the wave of life, until once again life settles and calms, into a new rhythm. Taking the time to create pockets of normality where you can, will support you to get through. Being able to be completely in the moment, even for small amounts of time will help.

For myself I find time in the outdoors helps me. I enjoy setting up small areas around my home where I can sit and enjoy a Latte or look out at the green surrounds. At times I feel calmed by baking or cooking a meal. I feel immense gratitude that I have so far been spared becoming unwell and a deep compassion for the countries that are going through in-comprehendible grief, loss and hardship.

My blessings to you all for a safe passage, through the months ahead.

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