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Serenity from Nature!

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I live on 1500 square metre block of sloping land, with a creatively designed home and feel energised and uplifted by living here. The energy of the land and surrounding nature is so serene and I feel very blessed.

The mulberry tree is laden with ripe berries and we see regularly a variety of bird life and are cheekily visited by a friendly dragon lizard, who takes a nightly spa, in our water feature. We recently discovered that a bowerbird is building a nest under the trees. I am slowly finding ways to give back to the land a small measure of what is given to me so freely. With summer is on the way, how to protect my garden in very hot weather, and design a drought-hardy food garden, is of particular interest to me.

Morag Gamble is my Guru in this area, such an inspiring woman, and an amazing teacher. Check out her video

"How to design a drought-hardy food garden on Morags, website as I am sure you will find many many things to inspire you.

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